I'm listening to the rain. Thinking: Do others like to listen to the rain?

I'm listening to the rain. Thinking: Do others like listening to the rain?

I wanted to see if there are others who think listening to the rain is
pleasant, relaxing, and if it's even worthy of someone's thoughts. Has
anyone ever spent any time thinking about it and said that they did
it. May be just a few people or may be there's a lot of others that do
listen to the rain too?

This is my list of things that people said about the rain.

What other people have said:

LOVE IT! I wish it would rain right now … I love listening to the rain!

Sitting in the library, listening to the rain, reading an interesting
book and wanting to meet the man who just walked past.

I'm sittin' here wondering where you are and listening to the rain.

Listening to the rain is no less than music.

James and I spent fifteen minutes last night listening to the rain.

I Lay In Bed Warm And Comfortable Listening To The Rain Beating Against Windows.

Listening to the rain against the windows and the roof ~ sounds nice...

I love falling asleep listening to the rain...

Me and you listening to the rain. Me and you we are the same.

This activity encourages children to develop good listening skills.

Listening to the rain outside suddenly moved me to read...

I hate being out in the rain but I do love listening to the sound it makes. …

Sit and listen to the rain mix tape.

I won't mind just listening to the rain. …

...rain… oh man i love it. I love the solitude, just being alone with
your thoughts...

Listen to the pouring rain listen to it pour...

I love the rain. It's a perfect analogy for almost everything.

Listening to the rain. Smiling just to see the smile upon your face.

This is just a list of different people thoughts about the rain that I
have made.

I took a bunch of rain pictures of the people passing by as I was
sitting in the car not wanting to get out and get wet. I'm going to
post my rain pictures some time a little later...

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