Recycle Plastic Bottles into useful and pretty new things to use in the house or office. Make stuff, save money too.

Any plastic bottle that comes from a store
and initially contains drink or mild household cleaning substance
can be safely reused and/or recycled and be useful
for many different projects.

You can make all kinds of useful things to use around
the house or office. You can recycle water bottles, soda bottles,
drink and juice bottles, wine bottles, vinegar bottles, liquid
soap and detergent bottles of all sizes. Some of the bottles are
even pretty enough to keep as is and use to store herbs, teas, spices,
other finely milled foods like sugar and salt or pepper if you buy
them in a bigger package and need then to put it in a different container
for convenient use.

A good way to recycle/reuse bottles is to utilize the bottles as a handy container just to keep
some water in it in case there are plumbing repairs and the water in
the house needs to be shot off for a short time, or they can hold
cut flowers and you can put several of them around every room with
just a few or a single flower in each for a very inexpensive and
refreshing room decoration.

Very small and tiny bottles like pill bottles and pill plastic
containers can be used for all kinds of recycling projects as well.
One of my favorite ways to recycle pills and other medicine bottles
and containers is to fill them with mints or other small candies to carry with me
in my hand bag or to keep some in the car. I like it because the pill and medicine
bottles close tight and no sugary cramps or bits of the candies
get out and the bag or the pocket doesn't get messy or sticky.
It also works well for raisins or nuts.

Here is just a few ways how you can reduce
the amount of waist that adds to pollution,
and at the same time create a new and useful piece
to use at home, outside in the yard or at work in the office.

recycle plastic bottle toilet water soda bathroom recycling

Saving water when filling up a toilet tank.

You can reduce the amount of water that flashes the toilet
by making the toilet tank use less water to fill up.
Fill a plastic bottle with water, put inside a toilet tank.
This will make the toilet tank use less water
when filling up.

recycle plastic bottles bug catcher pill water soda recycling

Plastic bottle recycled into a bug catcher.

Cut a plastic bottle into two pieces somewhere around the middle,
flip the top part and place inside the bottom one,
pour a small amount of juice or sweet liquid inside
and your bug catcher is ready to be placed where
the bugs are bugging you.

recycle plastic bottle green house water soda bottle recycling

Plastic water bottle turned into a mini green house.

Cut a plastic bottle around the middle
but leave about an inch uncut so that the two pieces are not
completely separated.
Fill the bottom part with potting soil and drop in some seeds.
Watch your mini green house beginning to grow fresh new greens.

recycle plastic water soda soap bottle gift wrap recycling

Gift wrapped package that you can take to the post office to mail.

Cut the top from a plastic 2 liter soda bottle or a large water bottle,
fill up the bottom part with the content you want to mail,
wrap into a pretty wrapping paper or plastic
and your gift package is ready to go.

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Ways to raise energy level. Energy, Power, Nature's Beauty.

Every once in a while anyone can feel like he or she needs more energy,
sometimes we can tell what made us feel that way and sometimes we may
not even know the reason.
If something can take energy from your body there must be a way
to bring energy to the body. What is the place that energy comes from?
Does it have a name and can we find it?
While we looking for the answers to this questions we can do a few things
to increase energy and to do more with less effort.

Let's try this methods and see if they can give us more energy and
make the day brighter.

1. Singing.
2. Dancing.
3. Visualizing.
4. Drawing, Painting or Doodling.
5. Walking.
6. Running.
7. Staying quiet and silent.
8. Writing.
9. Eating plain natural food, drinking pure plain water.
10. Watching the sky and observing the nature.
11. Going to a museum and looking at the beautiful art.
12. Going to the ZOO and watching the animals.
13. Playing with your own or your friend's pets.
14. Reading kid's stories or reading stories to children.

Of course all of this things we do anyway at one time or another,
but they are the same things that can increase your energy level
at the time when you might be asking:"What can I do to feel more
alert and happy". Or may be you don't even think about it because of
some other stuff that's taking up your imagination.

Here's yet another way to bring more energy into the day.

Take a small clean and dry jar and fill it with different herbs:

Cinnamon (for dreams)
Nutmeg (for good luck)
Allspice (for healing)
Ginger (for lunar magic)
Basil (for protection)
Fennel seeds (for spiritual healing)
Garlic (for spiritual purification)
Marjoram (for protection)
Sage (for spiritual purification)
Cloves (for protection)
Mustard seed (for protection)

Close the jar tightly, shake and mix all the spices inside. Open the jar any time you feel like you need more energy, smell the empowering aroma of the herbs and breath in the the energy power.

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