3 ways to organize that don't work. Either for home or office. Organizer funny logic.

Closet organizers, bathroom organizers, kitchen drawer
organizers,office organizers, garage organizers, professional
organizers - so many choices in every price category, yet organizing
is a magical unattainable process that has a permanent and secure
residence of it's own on many many wish lists.
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Who doesn't want to get organized? Organizing seems to be the most
important part of everything we do every day and everywhere.
The difficult part is that we want to organize at same time when we
have to do the very thing we want to get organized for so that we
could actually do that thing since it is often impossible to do the
job if the surrounding area is lacking the necessary order.

But even if we solve somehow the 'chicken or egg' problem there is
still plenty of destruction whether it happens to be a house, an
office, a back yard, a front porch, a car or a garage where we hope to
put the car one day when we get it all organized.

Lots of time can be spent trying to decide what to put where and what
not to put anywhere but in that special contaner called 'trash'.
There are people whose profession is to help others get organized but
it's also often difficult to let somebody go through the stuff that
is yours and yours alone besides the fact that it adds to the expense
category. It could be funny but it's not quite a laughing matter cosidering how
important it seems to be.

Apparently there are well known rules that have to be followed
to bring an order into everyday situation.

The rules:

1. Sit down and make a list of things you want to complete.
2. Prioritise the list and put first things first and last ones last.
3. Start doing the first thing and do it until you finish it
completely, then move to the second one and start the same process
again, continue until the very last one is done.

It's not so well known who and when actually succeeded when following
these rules. I assume they are great rules to follow if you don't care
one way or another. And organizing is not on your list.

If however you are looking to get organized even though this post is
not meant to tell what works I can suggest to not follow the rules,
you don't necessarily have to break anything, just avoid rigid and
self-limiting agenda and be listening to your own advice.

Often times we can tell everyone else what to do except ourselves. So
this time try to advice yourself like you would do it for a friend.
You should be able to see what works for you if you don't distract
yourself with too much unnecessary planning and scheduling.

Do small things when you have little time, do bigger things when you
have more time. Tasks that are related by time or place are more
convenient to be done in a bunch, more complex energy consuming and
labor intensive jobs deserve to be taken as stand alone projects.
You can play by ear and do as you please with many nonessential
elements of your surroundings, but things that need regular attendance
are best to be done regularly, like the laundry, you know...

I 'll try to elaborate on the laundry like subject at a later time
but for now have a cup of tea, wash that cup and stay organized.

And do let us know about your accomplishments by using that handy
comment organizer box.

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