Hypnosis, Freud, Drugs, China, Mental health. Psychologists and psychiatrists use less drugs, more therapy.

Chinese therapists are using less pills,drugs.More Freud

Freud theory developed a century ago is becoming ever more popular
all over China. Chinese psychologists and psychiatrists are now
turning to this old-new technics to help patients looking for better
mental health, not inclined to load on strong medicine and
antidepressant drugs.

Chinese psychiatrist and an associate professor
at Peking University's Institute of Mental Health Dr. Ji Xuesong,37 explains:
"Freud talks a lot about penis and vagina. As a teenager,
I was naturally looking for books on sex so I picked it up.
But I couldn't understand anything. I'm pretty sure, looking back,
that the translator of the book himself didn't understand."

Because drugs are convenient and therapy treatments require a lot of personal attention
and there for can get expensive, Chinese mental health professionals who were
in short supply, were not able to give everyone with serious mental illness problems
drugless therapy nor they were able to provide this type of treatments to people who
just had common depression.

But during the last two years a small number of therapists in the United States
were trying to teach psychotherapists and psychologists in China how to implement
the Freud theory developed a century ago.
This training program is called China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA).
It seems to be successful in helping many mental health workers to provide
high quality psychological help to a lot of patients using a lot less mind altering
heavy psychotic drugs and medicine.


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