Ways to raise energy level. Energy, Power, Nature's Beauty.

Every once in a while anyone can feel like he or she needs more energy,
sometimes we can tell what made us feel that way and sometimes we may
not even know the reason.
If something can take energy from your body there must be a way
to bring energy to the body. What is the place that energy comes from?
Does it have a name and can we find it?
While we looking for the answers to this questions we can do a few things
to increase energy and to do more with less effort.

Let's try this methods and see if they can give us more energy and
make the day brighter.

1. Singing.
2. Dancing.
3. Visualizing.
4. Drawing, Painting or Doodling.
5. Walking.
6. Running.
7. Staying quiet and silent.
8. Writing.
9. Eating plain natural food, drinking pure plain water.
10. Watching the sky and observing the nature.
11. Going to a museum and looking at the beautiful art.
12. Going to the ZOO and watching the animals.
13. Playing with your own or your friend's pets.
14. Reading kid's stories or reading stories to children.

Of course all of this things we do anyway at one time or another,
but they are the same things that can increase your energy level
at the time when you might be asking:"What can I do to feel more
alert and happy". Or may be you don't even think about it because of
some other stuff that's taking up your imagination.

Here's yet another way to bring more energy into the day.

Take a small clean and dry jar and fill it with different herbs:

Cinnamon (for dreams)
Nutmeg (for good luck)
Allspice (for healing)
Ginger (for lunar magic)
Basil (for protection)
Fennel seeds (for spiritual healing)
Garlic (for spiritual purification)
Marjoram (for protection)
Sage (for spiritual purification)
Cloves (for protection)
Mustard seed (for protection)

Close the jar tightly, shake and mix all the spices inside. Open the jar any time you feel like you need more energy, smell the empowering aroma of the herbs and breath in the the energy power.

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